Sworn Translators Office Tolk.pl has been in existence since 1995. Our original and primary specialisation is Dutch translation and interpreting. The range of our translation and interpreting services also includes the following languages: English, Croatian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish as well as many others that may be required by our clients.


The range of our services:

  • ordinary and sworn translations,
  • translations of specialised texts concerning fields such as economics, medicine, law, information technology, advertising and marketing, press articles, instruction manuals, business correspondence, literary texts, reports, certificates, documents, websites and others;
  • technical translations;
  • interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous (cabin) and whispered, that is servicing conferences, trainings, business talks, etc.

If you decide to cooperate with us you can count on:

  • competitive prices as we appreciate the trust that our clients have in us;
  • assignment of translations directly to translators rather than intermediaries;
  • safety of the documents as we treat all the submitted materials as confidential. All our translators are obliged to keep professional secret;
  • assignment of translations to professional translators;
  • individual approach to each order;
  • assistance of translators in a variety of situations, including not typical ones.

English language service tel. +48 510 30 93 93
e-mail: tolk@tolk.pl